#insideout #griefcamp

Here are two documentaries about powerful projects empowering vulnerable communities unlearning prejudice, grief, anger and pessimism in their own societies. I hope to take elements from these fantastic projects and adopt them into my upcoming project for Syrian refugee children. These spread hope through art and dialogue.


This is about street artists’JR’ who has reversed the process of an artists capturing stories from people and instead empowers communities all over the world to express themselves while engaging their societies on local social issues.





Grief Camp unlocks children’s internal barriers to self expression, acceptance and hope. A piece I hope to adopt from this project is the concept of a ‘memory wall’, where kids post pictures of lost loved ones and write messages or say something about the picture. Everything gets posted on a centralized space. It would be great to adopt this concept for the Syrian refugee kids, who themselves endure immense loss, tragedy and injustice.


In solidarity,