First Person Report: #MeWeSyria on Al Jazeera America

The Founder of #MeWeSyria and Director of Storytelling Innovation for Ashoka’s Youth Venture sits down with Al Jazeera America for a First Person Report on how the Syria’s youth are decentralizing the power of narrative and tapping into their inner changemakers through the storytelling for changemakers program, #MeWeSyria.

Produced by Tom Ranzweiler, Al Jazeera America and featuring behind the scenes clips of the #MeWeSyria program operating in Zaatari refugee with host NGO, Questscope. Learn more at Support Questscope at The #MeWeSyria program is possible thanks to support from Germany.

Bringing #MeWeSyria to American TV

Here are some stills of Al Jazeera America’s report on our #MeWeSyria program from inside Zaatari refugee camp. This news coverage–which highlights the creative enterprise and change-maker capacities of refugee youth–comes at a time in America where there is much fear and misunderstanding surrounding the narrative of Syria’s youth.

I will post the news video link once it is up.

#MeWeSyria is still operating inside Zaatari refugee camp and now being replicated and localized by refugees working at the Questscope NGO in Jordan. I will be returning to Jordan in February for follow up training of trainers and teachers inside Zaatari camp.


#MeWeSyria on Al Jazeera America tonight, 8pm

As promised, Al Jazeera America tonight is airing a news piece on my‪#‎MeWeSyria‬ project with Syrian refugees in Zaatari refugee camp. I have no idea how they will edit the piece, but I hope the interview shines a light on the brilliance, bravery and humanity and creative capital of Syria’s youth. Syria’s youth and its refugees are the solution, not the problem. They and we are all changemakers. Hopefully the Al Jazeera story tonight will feature the hard work of my refugee partners inside the camps who are part ofQuestscope: Nadin Ehraki Almajd Kh Alaa Scope Reema Hmd. Tune into Al Jazeera America tonight 8pm or follow hashtag #MeWeSyria for more.

The power of  and creative enterprise can redefine the narratives surrounding  ‘s youth  and its , and the process of creative enterprise can lead to experiential learning of how to be a changemaker.

Stay tuned… Al Jazeera America Ashoka’s Youth Venture Ashoka