Protest and Pray | Aleppo


There are so many incredible updates to share. In October, #MeWeSyria expanded its refugee storytelling for changemaker hubs in Gaziantep, Turkey. We have launched 9 new teams who will each replicate #MeWeSyria program to more than 400 Syrian teens. I will write more on these developments in the coming days, but for now, I wanted to focus on the tragedy befalling Aleppo, since many of our beneficiaries are from there.

#Syrians from living as in SHARE their messages & calls to action, my latest on Huffington Post, here

Excerpt: “He has two options: die by Assad’s rockets, or, kill himself,” ‘M’ tells me of his cousin who has been treating injured people inside of besieged Eastern Aleppo.”

Excerpt: “In the coming weeks and months, Aleppo may disappear from the headlines. The world will tend to fall back on comfortable complacency with the ‘meltdown of humanity’ that transpired in Aleppo. Time brings with it the threat of unacceptable acceptance of the murder of empathy, the murder of children, the murder of our collective dignity. Assad, Russia, and Iran will wait for this moment, and in fact depend on this human behavior. We, as a collective humanity, must not let Aleppo fall victim to this— an even bigger tragedy of social acceptance and indifference to genocide. Allowing this means guaranteeing that our kids and future generations will bear witness, and carry the burden of another massacre…another blow to the very universal things that make us human. It is on us. Not leaders. Not the international community. It is on our watch. So in the coming new year, let’s not forget to protest and to pray, as our Syrian changemakers ask.”

Read the full interview on Huffington Post…

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