The fight for Peace/ Reaction to #ParisAttacks #BeirutAttacks

Love and prayers to our brothers and sisters in Paris and Beirut who are enduring–first-hand–the violence that Syrian refugees have been fleeing for more than four years.

Resistance is not ISIS or extremist groups killing innocents. Resistance…real resistance is lighting a candle instead of cursing the dark. That is what we must do in our breath, our actions and our intentions as we face this darkness.

With love, hope,  and humor, ‘s youth fight unseen battles against darkness each day. I see it with my own eyes each time young refugees are sharing water with their neighbors. I see it each time a young girl walks upon desert rocks for miles under the sun to attend a class or to teach younger kids in a make-shift school. I see it each time a family in a tent shares a meal together in a dusty trailer or tent and prays for peace and a return home. I see it in the smiles and eyes of those like you, me and anyone else.

Anyone that has lived and worked with Syrian refugees will know that r youth are the solution, not the problem. A mantra of #MeWeSyria is: While the world continues to fail the people of Syria–now entering its fifth year of war– Syria’s youth will not fail our humanity nor our world.

Sustainable peace and development requires our world–ALL OF US– to hold tighter to the ingredients of peace, love and hope–not retreat from them. The images of Germans and Austrians opening their homes and sharing love and peace with Syrians fleeing war was a devastating blow for ISIS and extremists…the equivalent of a 9-11 for the extremists and terrorists. Such actions and images are what ISIS does not want to prevail.

As soon as we leave these ingredients of peace and hope, or lose faith in them, then we lose our past, present and future.

#MeWeSyria stands with Paris, with Beirut and with the youth of Syria…we stand with our collective humanity.


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