A Tweet From Civilization to Civil-Violation

Please see the link for my latest article for the Huffington Post on the recent Kashgari-Twitter controversy in Saudi Arabia. I post it here because this site is about arts diplomacy and the importance of freedom of expression and a free space for creative expression and spiritual discovery and youth empowerment in the Muslim World.

excerpt: “The Muslim majority, and its youth in particular, are thus being suffocated in the space between the civilization that made us and the civil-violations that have been imposed on us by failed political leadership and state co-opted religious authorities. The result is that the world watching Islam from the outside-in risks manufacturing a fiction. And those struggling for definition within, risk eventually becoming it. Saudi Arabia is the reason why separation of religion and state is falsely cited by many ‘Islamophobes’ in the West as reason why ‘Islam is incompatible with democracy.”–Mohsin Mohi Ud Din

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