Presentaion @ Asia Society

Asia Society article on my presentation and video of my presentation about Lollipops Crown at the Asia Society:


Last night I was invited by the Asia Society to participate in a fantastic panel of cultural ambassadors, international journalists and activists. I discussed developments in the Muslim World and I also spoke about the Lollipops Crown project and showed video clips of the children in action during the workshops. Thanks to the accomplished panelists for allowing me the opportunity to speak and show videos of Lollipops Crown in Kashmir and thanks to the wonderful Asia Society for being so supportive of the work. This panel is part of the Creative Voices in Islam in Asia program of the Asia Society. Take aways form the panel: ‘music is homeless’ Nusrat (MTV Iggy) ; cultural forms of expression are equally important as political developments-Zeyba (Cultural Ambassador) ; and author of Rock the Casbah, Robin Wright–the counter jihad will define the next generation. Watch the video from the link above to hear the amazing programs being done for cultural exchange and see videos from each of the panelists.

One thought on “Presentaion @ Asia Society

  1. Loved the talk! its is true that when it comes to Muslims and art especially music – it is suddenly no longer and personal choice but a political issue with so called consequences that “affect the broader Muslim community” apparently. Recently started playing an instrument.. but the process of overcoming the battles to do so, socially as well as ideologically took over a year. Even afterwards, or rather especially afterwards, I feel I am being judged on the basis of my ‘Iman’ versus ‘worldliness’.

    Few would understand how this music, a strum, poetry.. is deepening spirituality and closeness to the Creator. Its another means of finding Him.

    Strange this paradox and irony that exists with Muslims and art.

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