THE PLAY: All Places From Here Debut at Fringe Festival

                            (  A message from founder Mohsin Mohi Ud Din)

I am honored to be partnering with the actors and producers of the Bright Light Theater Company on this special, cross cultural, theater production titled after this blog,  ‘All Places From Here’ . The production will run from September 2nd – 17th in Philadelphia, PA USA as part of the highly anticipated Fringe Festival.

Facebook event:

Tickets are on sale HERE:

This special play is based on the stories and creative spirits of the street children of Morocco, taken from my arts initiative, Lollipops Crown. All Places From Here is a title I encountered during my journey through the Middle East and North Africa. It symbolizes not a place, but an energy, a feeling, a space in which the fire of creativity and love seeks to liberate itself from the coldness of the world -on -fire around us. All Places from Here weaves together an unbreakable link from pain, insecurity, and desperation to inspiration, faith, and beauty. I link All Places From Here to an excerpt of a Moroccan proverb about Tangier: it is the destination, jumping off point for thousands of hopes, reached only through struggle.

Lollipops Crown Arts Initiative (LC Arts Inc.)
The Lollipops Crown Arts Initiative (LC Arts Inc.) is a multidimensional music, film, and
arts program for disadvantaged youth that seeks to empower youth by promoting freedom of expression, pluralism, and cooperation via the arts. The project operates in the spirit of cultural exchange, youth engagement, and arts diplomacy. Founded under my Fulbright Scholarship (awarded by the State Department and the International Institute of Education and the Morocco Cultural Exchange Commission), the arts initiative was successfully implemented for over one year with three orphanages/centers in Morocco: Darna Association (support at ( ) , Dar Lekbira Association (support at, and Al Wafa. The BLTC production takes excerpts from these stories and creative energies.

Morocco- DarLekbira
Bright Light Theater Company-Philadelphia, USA










So What?
The brilliant orphans and street children in Morocco learned how to write and play basic
rhythm notation and then learned how to write short stories based on social issues and their daily lives. The end of each story sought to explore their perception of hope and their future aspirations. As a result of the LC Arts initiative, the street kids directed, filmed, and acted in 17 short films dealing with poverty, street life, social challenges, hopes, fears, and dreams. The films and photographs were all products of the children and were screened for exhibition to the local community at the famous art house cinema, Cinematheque de Tangier, ( The work of the Moroccan youth has been screened at the World Islamic Economic Forum in Malaysia, the United States Institute for Peace in Washington D.C and the LC Arts initiative has been acknowledged in a report by the Asia Society titled, ‘Creative Voices in the Muslim World’.

In 2011, I implemented a second installment of the LC Arts workshops in Kashmir, India with the help of CHINAR orphanage. In 6 weeks of workshops, the project successfully taught the children how to read, compose and play their own rhythm notations. They also wrote directed and filmed 4 short films about social issues of importance to them involving: pollution, female education, religious tolerance in politics, and corruption in the education system. The LC Arts initiative has been moving mountains with youth from disadvantaged communities from Morocco to India. The last two years have opened spaces of discovery, creativity, and confidence within the youth communities and has bridged perspectives from cultures far apart. The project is ongoing and is done independently. With your help, I hope to continue its mission for youth empowerment in the arts in the U.S and other countries. Please follow the work of the children and support the project at the All Places From Here or donate and get music from the project at or email LC Arts directly at

Welcome to All Places From Here
Thank you for giving your eyes and ears and time to the energies and perspectives of the street children of Morocco. Again, to buy tickets to the BLTC’s production of this project during the Philly Fringe Festival, go to:


Mohsin Mohi Ud Din

Founder Lollipops Crown Arts Initiative

Fulbright Scholar Alum

Activist, Artist, and Writer

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