Kashmir: Expression/Animation Demo w. CHINAR

*animation demo filmed by and starring the children of CHINAR:

In the third week of workshops, the kids of CHINAR orphanage in Kashmir have been growing in their confidence and in their avenues of musical expression. They can readily write, play, and express themselves via rhythm playing and notation. (My brother Din, lead singer, song writer and guitarist, of our band zerobridge has joined the workshops, thus adding new elements of creativity and singing and guitar to the workshops.) Yet, some understandble challenges remain with the medium of film and animation. Putting a camera in one’s face makes things uncomfortable. This demo sought to challenge the kids to: 1) use thier hands and faces to act out how they feel and not be afraid of expression and  2) it taught kids how to shoot with a camera and make animation. The emotions expressed showed happiness, sadness, anger, shame, confusion and frustration. Not everyone expresses an emotion. Some just wanted to act out something as simple as playing cricket or acting like spiderman. The kids picked up the camera work quite well. Some are still afraid to push the camera shot button while others cannot stop taking pictures.

The children of CHINAR continue to surprise me. Much has been moving in the last few weeks and its difficult to update the blog from the Kashmir valley, but here is just one of the demos filmed by and starring the children of CHINAR, via animation. The kids have been exhibiting breakthroughs in their boldness to express different things and they are learning fast. The goal is to get them confident, get them empowered and comfortable with expressing themselves and nurturing the concept of pluralism and creativity. This demo was a good first step. Much more on the way…..

DONATE TO CHINAR here: http://www.chinar.org

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