Tangier to Philadelphia: ALL PLACES FROM HERE PLAY

Maroc-USA collab: The films + stories + art from my Fulbright project with the talented street kids Morocco (from the associations of Darna, Al Wafa, Dar Lekbira) is being made for a cross cultural theater production with BLTC company in Philadeplhia USA. The production is called All Places From Here, (a phrase I kidnapped from my travels abroad in Morocco and Jordan.) If you in Philly, tonight, June 4th is 1st public ‘work in progress’ presentation of the collaboration which we have been working on. Check out the facebook invite here:: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=148786641859444

The final theater production of the stories will be live at the Philly Fringe Festival in September.

I wish I could be in Philly to see the work in progress but I’m currently in Kashmir carrying on with the Lollipops Crown workshops with the kids of the CHINAR orphanage.

Wish kids in Maroc could see the theater work being done with Bright Light Theater Company. The kids of Darna, AL Wafa, and Dar Lekbira should be proud. It is their voices, their stories, their films, their spirit which has inspired this production.


All Places From Here
a cross cultural collaboration



The Courtyard of the  

Arts Parlor

Saturday, June 4th at 9pm

a public work-in-progress showing of our newest piece


Bright Light Theatre Company has teamed up with NYC-based Fulbright ScholarMohsin Mohi-Ud-Din in order to bring to life the multi-dimensional arts and music youth program, Lollipops Crown Music and Arts Initiative.   By utilizing live music, dance, and uniquely crafted projections of the short films from Tangier, BLTC will create a full-length multi-media performance.

Presented as part of the LIVE ARTS/FRINGE FESTIVAL

September 2-17

Join us on June 4that 9:00pm for the work-in-progress performance and interactive talk-back with the production team of  

All Places From Here!

The Arts Parlor, 1170 S. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA

It’s FREE!!

Closing Reception to Follow- Wine, Cheese and Hummus

Concept created in collaboration between Bright Light Theatre andMohsin Mohi-Uh-Din.

All Lollipops Crown material was created by the kids

of Darna, Dar Lekbira, and Al Wafa Youth Associations and the ASCMP Drug Clinic. 

More Information on Lollipops Crown Morocco 

Also find out about Mohsin’s current project in Kashmir

One thought on “Tangier to Philadelphia: ALL PLACES FROM HERE PLAY

  1. Hello Mohsin,

    Just came across your blog. Congrats on your “All Places From Here” initiative. Any chance you could play it back in Tangier? I am the director of TALIM, the AIMS research center in Morocco, housed in the historic American Legation. I’m also on the Fulbright Morocco board, so very proud of your achievement. There is something being planned by a great NGO called “American Voices,” for 2012: “Broadway in Morocco.” I referred them to your blog post, as an example of how Tangier’s performance rep reaches abroad. Please get in touch to explore programming possibilities – we are starting a monthly film night at the Legation, and I want to alternate classic films with documentaries.
    Best regards,

    Jerry Loftus

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