US Govt Tweet Us

The US Department of State and the Fulbright tweeted about my arts/film project (Lollipops Crown) for orphans/street kids in Morocco. Can’t believe this was a year ago. Planning the next phase now. Please keep supporting.

See the tweet/vid clip here:!/FulbrightPrgrm/status/57880523430825984

al drari fi al maghreb: TOWAHASHKUM BIZEFF

One thought on “US Govt Tweet Us

  1. hey mohsin-

    i don’t know if you remember me, i met you with danice and my moroccan boyfriend youssef and julia and melanie during july 2009 when we were on vacation in tangier. i’m in rabat now, working at a cross-cultural exchange organization here. my roommate (also ex-peace corps) found your video on the embassy website, and she was watching it, and i heard about “street children in tangier” and then she said it was some fulbright and i was like, i know him!

    anyway, random i know, but i just wanted to say tbark allah and good luck with the rest of your project in the future!


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