Partnership 2011 w/ Bright Light Theater Company

While working on Frank Rhee’s movie over  the summer I returned from Morocco, my co-star Blair and I got to talking about combining my arts initiative from Morocco with real actors and a theater production company in America. This would provide the films, photos, and music of the street kids from the centers in Morocco (Darna, Dar Lekbira, Al Wafa, and ASCMP Drug Clinic), a key outlet from which their brilliance and creativity and perspectives could be seen and heard internationally. The arts would literally bridge the stories of Arab youth to young Actors and audiences in America.

I am pleased to say that production is under way for ALL PLACES FROM HERE, a partnership of Lollipops Crown Music and Arts Initiative with the Bright Light Theater Company based in Philadelphia.

Stay tuned, but in the mean time here is the basic info:

Bright Light in the Fringe Festival!

All Places From Here 

a cross-cultural collaboration


Photo by: Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din

Philadelphia Fringe Festival

September 2-17

Bright Light Theatre Company has teamed up with NYC-based Fulbright Scholar Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din in order to bring to life the multi-dimensional arts and music youth program, Lollipops Crown Music and Arts Initiative. Founded by Mohsin in Tangier, Morocco in January 2009; Lollipops Crown is a fifteen month series of music, dance, and film workshops with the street children of the region, which aims to empower the youth via the arts. By utilizing live music, urban dance, and uniquely crafted projections of the short films from Tangier, BLTC will create a full-length multi-media performance entitled All Places From Here. Through the live interpretation of these inspiring stories, the extraordinary power of dreams sheds light on the perseverance of the human soul.

“In the world of music and art, there is no right and wrong. There is only the responsibility to express what you truly feel.” (Mohsin Mohi-Uh-Din)

For more Information about Lollipops Crown visit


Photo by: Christina Ponsoran

Much Love,


Allison, Julian, Samantha

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