From Morocco to Malaysia-Screenings in Malaysia @ World Islamic Economic Forum

3 months its been since returning from Morocco where I led music and film workshops under Lollipops Crown. The last big screenings of the kids’ films have been at the beautiful Cinema Rif Theater in Tangier and the U.S.Institute for Peace in Washington. Recently, I was invited to Malaysia to perform with my band Zerobridge and present on my arts initiative at the World Islamic Economic Forum’s, WIEF, Market Place for the Creative Arts.  I presented the short films written, starring, and filmed by the street children in Morocco, under my Fulbright project.  I led two 30 min screenings of the Lollipops Crown Films at the Kuala Lampur Convention Center and gave one screening at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, IIUM. The IIUM radio FM also broadcast an interview about Lollipops Crown and our band Zerobridge. Footage of the screenings and presentations in Malaysia can be seen here. This short video also includes a sneak peek at 1 of the films made w a street child named Saliha. Please watch:


Malaysia was an extraordinary time in which we united with young Muslim artists from across the world to exhibit the diversity and talents and depth that exists within the Muslim world. Art and Music, from whichever faith or ethnicity, are the key avenues towards expression, growth, and unity. There is no right or wrong in music and art, there is only the responsibility to express what you feel.  The children in Morocco would be so proud to know that their films and stories were being watched and praised by youth in the Far East. These kids, some of them without a home or without shoes, are now filmakers whose films and stories and art are being watched by youth in America and Malaysia. It is pretty rad. The project received an incredible amount of support, encouragement. The work of the street children in Morocco struck a major chord in some of the youth in Malaysia. The films made by the children in Morocco had in fact inspired and enlightened scores of fellow youth thousands and thousands of miles away. That in itself is quite surreal, yet, beautiful. Such is the power of art.  Lollipops Crown is growing. …stay tuned

Love IS All


Fulbright Fellow and drummer of zerobridge

The screenings included the following short films and animation which were all written directed and starring the street children of:


Darna Film 1: Three Sisters, Tanger

Plot: Video of three sisters who deal with abuse by teachers at school and lack of love in the home, unemployment, and poverty. The sisters discuss the problems they face and their dreams for the future. They realize that they must maintain togetherness to overcome the challenges around them.
Written, directed , and starring the children of DARNA

Darna Film: Saliha
Plot: Video about the life of Saliha where she discusses the insecurities she faces at home and in school due to the absence of her father in her personal life.

Written by SALIHA, directed and starring the children of DARNA

Darna Animation: The Key

Plot: 3 girls are locked up in a mental institution. 2 fail to escape, while one uses her mind to unlock the gates to find freedom and happiness

Written, directed , and starring the children of DARNA

Darna Animation: The Dream

Plot: Adil is bored in class and falls asleep. He has a dream where he fights with his mother and falls into a life on the streets where he faces drugs, begging, gambling, and violence. He wakes up from the dream in class with a new appreciation for school.

Written, directed , and starring the children of DARNA

Darna Animation: Forgiveness

Video introduction in Darija, No Audio in the short

Plot: Brothers get involved with drug use and get arrested. The mother and father kick them out of the home and the boys are left on the streets trying to plot a way to immigrate to Spain. They give their limited funds to a smuggler who robs them. The boys return home under the condition that they give up drugs. The mother forgives them.

Written, directed , and starring the children of DARNA


WIEF, Fazil, Aliou, WIEF STAFF, Moon, Azroz, Lina, Hani, Maryam, Zahriya, International Islamic University of Malaysia

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