My Year in Morocco: Screening and Presentation @ the Cinema Rif

After a year of working with disadvantaged communities, orphans and street children in Morocco, I made a final presentation of all the movies I have produced with the children from the associations of DARNA and Al Wafa and Dar Lekbira on February 19th at the Cinema Rif in Tanger, Morocco. 300 people attended my screening including many of the street children and orphans I’ve worked with this past year. Everyone was under one roof: artists, painters, activists, parents, rich, poor, literate, illiterate, young and old. My students saw their films and faces on the big screen and it was magnificent. Hope you dig the vid….
Love and thanks to all who supported me, you know who you are.

Lollipops Crown is a multi-dimensional pilot youth arts/music education initiative I founded under my Fulbright Fellowship. The program aims to empower children via the arts, (specifically those children identified as street children and orphans), and encourage them to pursue creative outlets to express and record their unique experiences and learn new skills. Music and art can be the avenue of not only inspiring the youth, but art can further be a bridge of understanding between America and the Arab world. Since January 2009 I have been working with disadvantaged children, drug addicts and single mothers in Tangier and Kenitra. The work has been grueling and challenging, yet, the impact of this project has been worth the work and hardships. My workshops have combined education in film animation, music, and photography workshops. The outcome of our workshops will be a number of short-animation films produced and directed, and starring the children of the various associations.

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