By Me

 When we have everything in life,

Fixated we are on,

What we don’t want,

What we don’t have.

In said privileged realm,

We know not the wants…

In our re la tion ships

Or po li tics,

Or faiths,

Or within ourselves.



When nothing we have,

When we are alone,

When we are lost,

When we are in pain,

Then we know…

What we want,

What we need,

Who we want,

Who we need.


From an X-love to a new Love,

From one addiction to another,

From the Bush to the Obama,

From an orphan in Kenitra to a Richie Rich in Montgomery County,

From Wall Street’s dollars to Main Street’s cadavers,

From Rich to Poor,

From Death to Life,


What a fragile, fickle trip,

Is this life…?

2 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. hi , my name is khaoula i was in the summer camp in kelaa !! that’s were very nice to meet you !! i wanna tell you i’m bigg fun to you ZEROBRIDGE !! i really love you !! take care bye bye !!

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