I miss home


Don’t forget you center. Do not forget your smallness. Do not forget how you are a miniscule piece of the infinite experiences and dreams within the world around you. What is that quote? God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is infinite. 

Hold on to what you witnessed in Mecca. A good Muslim you are not. Yet you saw what you saw. How magnificent and real it was. Millions of strangers made their circuits around the Kabbah in complete humility, complete helplessness. 

Remember how this all comes full circle in the end, like those millions of colorful, cracked and bleeding feet around the Kabbah. How resilient and hopeful and enduring they were in Mecca. So to will all our lives come full circle. 

So, do not forget your center amidst the dramas and distractions in this ever fickle yet beautiful world.

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